Battlescape LARP


Note: This document will continuously be updated for each question brought to Battle Masters.

Not if you have one shield. The second shield cannot be larger than 30cm in height x 30cm in length.

No, this means you can wield something like a gun with your hand and strap the shield to your forearm.

Yes, you have to be able to prove to a Battle Master that you can safely wield the weapon/s.

No, just make sure it doesn’t impede your ability to play safely, and if you trip, it won’t cause harm to yourself or others.

No, just pay as you go!

They will have their arm raised above their head. This also goes for some spells that make a player harmless during the spell.

A high wall is considered something like a fortification wall, too high to shoot or attack through by any means.

High walls are identified by bollards with ropes tied between and connecting them. You cannot move through these naturally. Mages may teleport through them.

Low walls are considered something like a waist-height fence. You can attack over these with any means, including all spells. You just cannot move through them naturally. Rogues may move through these freely. Mages may teleport through them.

Ignore it during the combat. After the round, please let the Battle Master know so that they may keep an eye on them. Do not confront them about it.

Ignore it during the combat. After the round, please let the Battle Master know so that they may check the poundage/test their knowledge on a safe distance of firing. Do not confront them about it.

Tell a Battle Master, and they will consult the person.

Try your best to ignore it, but definitely let a Battle Master know, and they can deal with them; they will take this seriously.

You can place it 5 meters away from the battle zone boundary. Ideally, items should be placed on the tarp provided by Battle Masters.
Note: Be aware that the tarp is there to make it a lot harder for members of the public to steal your equipment and keep them from damage.

On the tarp. If you get hit while taking an item to safety, just ignore the damage and let the attacker know you are moving an item.

Tell a Battle Master immediately, even if they don’t look too bad.

Let a Battle Master know, and they will acquire assistance for you. Check the tarp thoroughly first, then have a look around. If it is still missing after a proper look, we will do an all-player field check. If it is still missing, gather as much detail as you can and contact the police.

Note: Be aware that the field may or may not have cameras to assist you with a police search.

Unfortunately, yes. Our insurance is unwilling to cover those over 80.

Yes, Battlescape LARP is strictly for those 18 years old and over.

Yes, leave the field with your hand above your head so people do not think you are still participating.

Yes, you can. Just walk over to your starting position as dead and wait until either someone resurrects you, respawn, or the new round starts.

Yes, just be sure to tell a Battle Master you are late, and they will place you on the field. You will just need to pay the participation fee next time you play.

No, you must pay for the full duration whether you are participating for the full game of half.