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To become a participant of Battlescape LARP — you will need to aquire an Australian Re-encactors Association Inc Membership (ARA $20pa Ordinary Member) which you can find here:


Then press register!


Once purchased, assure you have a digital or physical copy of your ARA membership on you at the time of sign-in to be able to participate in our events and battlegames.


This is a public-liability insurance and helps protect you incase a member of the public gets injured through LARPing activies. 


Note: This insurance actually carries with you where ever you are in Australia. And you can participate in LARP so as long the person you are interacting with is also a ARA member.


There is also an optional extra — personal injury cover (for $30pa) which assists in paying for medical costs if you are injured during LARPing activities.

Insurance Description Bellow (written by ARA)

Personal Injury Cover for Social / Sporting Club Members


(also referred to as Voluntary Workers Insurance)


The ARA offers Personal Injury Cover for Social/Sporting Club Members (ARA Members doing reenactment activities).


This cover is for ARA Members only. (Sorry, we don’t offer this cover for non-members).


Personal Injury Cover is optional cover for those members who believe that they would benefit from having it. No-one is obliged to take it up if they don’t want to.


A policy has been procured that is affordable and accessible to all members and offers good value for money.


The cost for Personal Injury Cover is $30 for the Calendar year.


Consider it this way:

• ARA Membership (incl Public Liability Insurance) = $20

• ARA Personal Injury Cover = $30

• A total of $50 per year equates to less than $1 per week for all the cover you need.


Excess: from $1000


In the event that you need to make a claim against the Personal Injury Policy the excess to be paid is from $1000.

Personal lnjury Cover covers your re-enactment activities as an ARA Member where all safety procedures and precautions have been met as per:


• ARA Activities outlines and


• MAG activity outlines (which you submit to the ARA as part of your membership application if your MAG Activity Outlines diverge from ARA Activity guidelines).


Personal Injury Cover also includes direct uninterrupted travel to and from such activities.

• Death and Capital Benefits: $50,000

• Weekly Accident Benefit: 85% of salary up to $500

• Domestic Help/Student Tutorial $500 (26 weeks)

• Non-Medicare Medical: 85% to a maximum of $1000 (incurs $50 excess)

• Up to and including 58 years of age: Pays 104 weeks

• 59-60 years: Pays to age 61

• 61-65 years: Pays 52 weeks

• 66-70 years: Pays 26 weeks

• 71-80 years: NIL

Aggregate limit: $1,000,000

You can make paypal payments at the time of joining the ARA, alternatively bank details can be supplied. For more info please see the membership page.




You can make paypal payments at the time of joining the ARA, alternatively bank details can be supplied. For more info please see the\u00a0membership page.<\/p>\n



Link: http:\/\/\/Membership-Renewals\/<\/a><\/p>\n


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