Battlescape LARP


The amount of health and mana that you have, depends on your level of encumbrance.

All new to Battlescape LARP armor and costumes are weighed before battle. For every kilogram of body armor/costume you are wearing (to a maximum of 20kg), determines your HP and MP, this does not include your shield or weapon. It is calculated like this:


– Costume/Armor Kg weight ÷ 2 = Your Health Points. 


– Most character classes have a Max HP of 12 health points (10+2base) and 10 mana points.


Warriors: Max 16hp / Max 10 mana


Mage: Max 8hp / Max 12 mana


All other classes: Max 12hp / Max 10 mana


-For every 1 Health point you have, your Mana Points drop 1. 


-All players have a base 2hp.


Example: Let’s say Bob is a Warrior class. He is wearing 8kg worth of costume/armor.. this is 8kg ÷ 2 which = 4. This means Bob has 4hp from his armor alone. Let’s add all his hp up..


 4hp + 2 basehp + 2hp from his Warrior passive skill (Level 1 Stoneskin). He has 4hp+2hp+2hp = 8hp.


So we take that 8hp to calculate his mana.


We first take the max mana the players class can have — the max mana that Bob the Warrior can have is 10.


10 (max mana) – 8 (total hp) = 2. Bob has 2 mana, which means he can cast 2 warrior spells during a battle.


Players regain all health and mana upon a round reset, are resurrected or respawned.

Players gain experience points (exp or xp) from participating in a battle. This is considered accepting a quest! And if you complete the battle goal successfully, you will gain additional exp for the completion of this battle quest.


Experience may also be gained by other methods, such as completing main storyline quests at Winter Haven events.


This brings us to character levels, which only apply at our “Winter Haven” Events.

Experience Points will gain you character levels!


Characters may level each class up to a max of lvl20. You gain +1 hp to your health per level or +1 mana, depending on how you wish to play your class.


The class you allocate the exp to initially upon earning — is and will never be transferable to other classes. You will just have to level them individually.


Experience points must be allocated to one of your classes at the time of receiving the exp.

As time goes on and players gain levels, their levels will unlock new spells. Only time will tell what spells and abilities you will unlock as your character grows in strength.

~Battlescape LARP