Battlescape LARP


Note: This document will continuously be updated for each question brought to Battle Masters.

  1. Warrior – (Class LED Colour: None)
  2. Mage – (Class LED Colour: Purple)
  3. Paladin – (Class LED Colour: Yellow)
  4. Priest – (Class LED Colour: White)
  5. Hunter – (Class LED Colour: Green)
  6. Rogue – (Class LED Colour: Red)
  7. Druid – (Class LED Colour: Orange)
  8. Monk – (Class LED Colour: Blue)


All character classes generally receive three skills/spells; each class includes one attack spell, one defence spell, and one support/passive spell.


Warriors: This class has no LED colour, they have lots of health points. They can rage to become unstoppable for 5 seconds.




-“Execute!” :: If this hits you on a limb, that limb cannot be used for 5 seconds. A torso hit makes you stunned and unable to take action for 5 seconds.



-Frost Bolt attacks cause you to be slow for 5 seconds.

-Frost Nova, if touched by their weapon, causes you to be frozen in place for 5 seconds. -Frost attacks cannot be blocked, fire attacks can

-Fire attacks cause 1 damage, frost attacks cause 0 damage.



-They can heal allies, make them immune to all damage temporarily

-“Smite” deals 2 damage if you are hit (unless blocked).



-Can throw bolts that heal allies 1 hp or damage enemies 1 dmg

-Can bless you giving you movement freedom for 5 seconds

-Can ressurect you to full hp and mana



-Can blind you for 5 seconds

-Can always see rogues and mages

-Their attacks slow you for 5 seconds or stun if hit in torso

-Can evade attacks by using mana.



-Cannot be seen when stealthing

-Can backstab you 5 dmg

-Can climb walls



-Can choke you from a distance for 1 dmg per second

-Can mass heal

-You take the same damage you deal to them if they say “Thorns”


Monk/Force User”

-Can force push/pull you 5 steps Backwards/Forwards. It hurts 1dmg if you collide with an object

-Can cast the druid spell Choke

-Can walk on liquid

-Are immune to ranged spells and attacks if spinning their weapon around during the cast/attack