Battlescape LARP


Welcome to Battlescape LARP's Winter Haven, a hidden sanctuary nestled deep within the foreboding expanse of "The Golden Forest."

Surrounded by the sturdy embrace of a wooden palisade wall, Winter Haven is a thriving in-theme town that serves as a bastion of hope amidst the looming shadows of evil and the relentless hordes of zombies.

A Town Amidst the Darkness

As you step inside the protective embrace of the ongoing wooden palisade construction, you'll find yourself in a place of both potential and peril.

Winter Haven's barren landscape stands as a testament to the ongoing struggle against the malevolent forces that dwell within "The Golden Forest." With each event, the town takes shape a little more, as adventurers strive to reclaim what has been lost.

Events Beyond Imagination

Our Winter Haven events are the stuff of legends, drawing brave souls from all walks of life.

Whether you're a seasoned LARPer or a newcomer to the experience, you'll encounter a welcoming community that embraces your courage. From weekend-long campaigns that confront the darkness head-on to one-day quests that challenge your wits and bravery, each event offers a unique chapter in your personal LARP adventure.

Inclusivity and Valor

In the face of evil, diversity, inclusivity, and valor are our guiding principles. Winter Haven welcomes all adventurers, regardless of experience or background.

Whether you're a battle-hardened warrior, a master of arcane arts, or a newcomer eager to face the unknown, you'll find a place of acceptance and unwavering camaraderie within our protective walls.

Immerse Yourself in the Battle for Survival

Prepare to immerse yourself fully in the Battlescape LARP experience, where courage is your greatest weapon.

Our dedicated team of Game Masters and event organizers work tirelessly to ensure that every event in Winter Haven is a rich, interactive, and unforgettable experience. Whether you're confronting hordes of zombies, deciphering sinister mysteries, or simply enjoying the support of fellow survivors, Winter Haven is where your character's story unfolds.

Join Us in the Fight Against Darkness

If you're ready to join the battle against the encroaching darkness within "The Golden Forest" and be a part of the evolving story of Winter Haven, now is the time. Join us at Battlescape LARP's upcoming events in this remarkable in-theme town and become a part of our growing community of courageous adventurers.

Explore our event calendar, delve into the rich lore, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Your destiny awaits in the heart of the battle-scarred town of Winter Haven!